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Fifi is a litte Forget-Me-Not flower who takes us on a tour through the garden. Together with the other flowers and inhabitants, she needs to make certain that the garden is always tidy and that everything runs smoothly. Whenever Fifi encounters a problem she can’t solve by herself or forgets what to do, she will ask the audience to guess. Fifi has a couple of catchphrases, like “Fiddly Flowerpetals!” or “Buttercups and Daisies!”

Who are the main characters of Fifi and the Flowertots?

Fifi Forget-Me-Not: The host of the show and main character, voiced by Jane Horrocks.
Aunt Tulip: Fifi's aunt who likes to have tea parties and chats with the Flowertots. Voiced by Tim Whitehall.
Buttercup: The sister of Daisy who is selfish but funny. Voiced by Joanna Ruiz.
Daisy: A little shy but fun Flowertot who loves her toy called "Quack". Voiced by Janet James.
Poppy: Fifi’s friend who works at her market and is voiced by Maria Darling.
Primrose: Fifi's best friend who hates getting dirty and messy. Voiced by Jane Horrocks.
Violet: Fifi’s Friend who loves to paint and lives in a Watermelon with Primrose. Voiced by Maria Darling.
Pip Gooseberry: The youngest of Gooseberry who likes to help Fifi and Bumble in the garden. Voiced by Maria Darling.
Bumble: Fifi's best friend who is voiced by Marc Silk.
Stingo: A wasp who causes trouble for the Flowertots. Voiced by Tim Whitnall.
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Fifi and the Flowertots Theme Song

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