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Craig Gerber


“Firebuds” is an American animated series, created for Disney Junior. It premiered on Disney Junior in September 2022 and was already renewed for a second season in 2023. The show follows the adventures of three young children and their anthropomorphic rescue vehicles as they help to keep their town safe.

The main characters of the show are Bo Bayani and his firetruck Flash; Violet Vega-Vaugh and her ambulance Axl and Jayden Jones and his police car Piston. The series revolves around the children’s efforts to ensure the safety in Gearbox Grove and Motopolis and thwart the actions of The Riley Gang, a group of young thieves who dislike the Firebuds.

“Firebuds” has been praised for its inclusive characters. One of the main characters, Bo Bayani, is of Filipino descent, while another one, Jayden Jones, is an African-American boy. Jayden’s sister is a disabled girl.

The show aims to teach young children the importance of following the rules and keeping safe. Children learn about the necessity of police, ambulance and fire safety personnel in a fun and educational way.

Who are the main characters of Firebuds?

Bo Bayani: a young boy of mixed Filipino-American heritage who is the leader of the Firebuds. He's very brave and dreams of becoming a real firefighter.
Flash Fireson: he's Bo's firetruck. Whenever a fire needs to be extinguished or someone needs to be rescued, Flash gets hyperactive.
Violet Vega-Vaughn: she's a member of the Firebuds, a girl of Asian-American heritage. She's a very good gymnast and wants to become a paramedic, just like her mother.
Axl Ambrose: she's Violet's ambulance. She likes speed.
Jayden Jones: the third member of the Firebuds, a young African-American boy who is an aspiring police officer.
Piston Porter: Jayden's police vehicle. He lives by the rules and likes to stay safe.
Bill Bayani: Bo's father and the co-chief of the Gearbox Grove Fire Department.
Faye Fireson: Flash's mother and the co-chief of the Gearbox Grove Fire Department.
Jenna Jones: Jayden's mother, who is Deputy Chief at the Motopolis Police Department.
The Riley Gang: the Firebuds' enemies, a group of young thieves consisting of Wayne and Wiley Riley, who drive around in Grant and Gauge.

Production studio: Disney Television Animation

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