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Country of origin

United Arab Emirates

Creation year



Mohammed Saeed Harib



Freej tells the story of four old women living in a secluded neighbourhood in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates. As the city evolves and modernises around them, the four ladies try to preserve their traditional way of living. They often come together to enjoy a good cup of coffee.

Who are the main characters of FREEJ?

Freej: A kind and elderly matriarchal figure who lives in a traditional Emirati neighborhood and looks after the community.
Um Saeed: Freej's close friend and neighbor, she is a wise and practical woman.
Um Khammas: Another of Freej's close friends and neighbors, she is a fun-loving and gossipy woman.
Mohammad: Freej's grandson, he is a kind and good-hearted boy.
Fareeda: Freej's granddaughter, she is a feisty and independent girl.
Abu Khammas: Um Khammas's husband, he is a grumpy but lovable man.
Radio: Freej's talking radio, he is a friendly and helpful companion.
TV: Freej's talking television, he is a grumpy and opinionated companion.
Lulu: Freej's talking washing machine, she is a kind and helpful companion.
Sari: Freej's talking house, she is a wise and practical companion.

Production studio: Sparky Animation

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