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Country of origin

Thailand, Australia and USA

Creation year



Dan Clark and Oscar Covar


“FriendZSpace” is a 2022 animated series created by Dan Clark and Oscar Covar, produced by T&B Media Global Thailand and Australian animation company Flying Bark Productions.

The show “FriendZSpace” centers around Alice, Leo, and Kim, three ordinary-looking children who are actually adventurous space explorers. Each episode features their unpredictable star cruiser, “The Dart,” as they venture out into the depths of space, accompanied by their trusty companion BotDog, who is part puppy and part high-tech Swiss army knife. Their mission is a simple yet wonderfully weird one: to locate planets, discover alien children, and make friends with them.

However, befriending alien kids is not an easy task. Some of them reside in the bushy eyebrows of moody, slobbering beasts, while others are so massive that the Earth kids need to climb them like skyscrapers just to say hello. Despite the challenges posed by different customs and biological quirks, the trio believes that every alien kid they meet is worthy of friendship. As they navigate these comic complications, they learn about the cultures and differences of both human and alien children alike. “FriendZSpace” is ultimately about embracing our differences and enjoying the thrilling adventures that come with it.

Who are the main characters of FriendZSpace?

Alice: she is a bright and intense girl, with an outgoing and optimistic personality. She's never too shy to meet new friends.
Kim: an intellectual, emotional and eccentric girl with a dry sense of humor. She likes making new friends, but she's more at ease with her books, her tech and her cat.
Leo: an excitable and mischievous young boy who loves comic books and gaming.
BotDog: this part furry part high-tech pet serves and guards the Earth kids and acts as a communication channel between them and The Dart. The robot's head is equipped with a communication system through which he can directly speak.
Mr. Bisket: Kim's furry pet cat. He's a bit on the chubby side and prefers wearing contact lenses instead of glasses. Because that would be weird...

Production studio: Flying Bark Productions

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