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Cyber Group Studios


The Gigantosaurus animated TV series is based on the eponymous book character of Jonny Duddle. It tells the story of four dinosaur friends, Mazu, Tiny, Bill and Rocky. They explore their world and seek and learn about the biggest and fiercest dinosaur of all, the Gigantosaurus.

Who are the main characters of Gigantosaurus?

Giganto: The main character, a gigantic dinosaur who looks really scary, but he's actually quite helpful to the smaller dinosaurs.
Rocky: He's a young Parasaurolophus. He uses his crest as a traffic horn.
Bill: A shy little Brachiosaurus, who's obsessed with food.
Tiny: She's a cheerful little Triceratops, who likes to draw and have a good time.
Mazu: He's a curious little Ankylosaurus, who likes to read books and build stuff.
Hegan: He's a clumsy Pteranodon.
Archie: He's an Archaeopteryx who can't fly.
Rugo: This Rugosodon likes to eat.
Marsh: He's a young Stegosaurus and the only one who can walk on his four legs. He's very big for his age.
Patchy: He can't see very well and can't reach his head with his tiny arms.

Production studio: Cyber Group Studios

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