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Shōji Yonemura with Toei Animation



Glitter Force is set in the magical kingdom of Jubiland, where fairy tale characters live. The kingdom is attacked by the evil King Pierrot, but he is stopped when the queen uses her last energy to seal him away. When King Pierrot’s minions from the Bad End Kingdom try to revive him, the queen sends her messenger Candy to assemble a team of five magical girls. The series follows the team and the adventures of the girls as they try to fend off their enemies to collect the magical tokens called Cure Decors or Glitter Charms that will upgrade their powers and revive the queen.

Who are the main characters of Glitter Force?

Miyuki Hoshizora: She is Cure Happy, The leader of the Smile Pretty Cures. She is kind and determined to make others happy.
Akane Hino: She is Cure Sunny. She has superhuman strength.
Yayoi Kise: She is Cure Peace. She is an aspiring artist and a big fan of superheroes.
Nao Midorikawa: She is Cure March. She has a strong sense of justice and she's afraid of bugs, ghosts and heights.
Reika Aoki: She is Cure Beauty. Her element is ice, and she can detect and avoid enemy attacks.
Candy: She is a lamb-like pixie. She was sent to Earth by Royale Queen to recruit the Pretty Cure.
Pop: He is Candy's older brother. With his sister, he was given the task to find the members of the Pretty Cure.
Royal Queen: The Queen of Märchenland, the mother of all pixies.
Pierrot: The main antagonist of the series. He wants to destroy all hope and leave only despair.
Joker: The secondary antagonist of the series.

Production studio: Toei Animation

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