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Masashi Tanaka and Isao Murayama



The little yellow dinosaur Gon is the only survivor after the extinction of the dinosaurs. He makes friends with animals from the paleolithic era. The series Gon is completely wordless but nevertheless contains a lot of humor.

Who are the main characters of Gon?

Gon: A little dinosaur with a big heart, Gon is always eager to help his friends and explore his world.
Poco: Gon's best friend, a young pterodactyl who loves to sing and dance.
Gee: A friendly mammoth who is always up for a game of catch.
Tusk: A grumpy but lovable mammoth who is always ready for a snack.
Trex: A fierce but ultimately good-hearted Tyrannosaurus Rex who is the leader of the pack.
Dera: A gentle Triceratops who is the mother of the group.
Stego: A playful Stegosaurus who loves to chase his tail.
Ptero: A curious pterodactyl who is always off on some new adventure.
Kent: A wise and knowledgeable Kentrosaurus who is the group's teacher.
Nestor: A baby dinosaur who is always getting into mischief.
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