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Goof Troop

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Country of origin

United States

Creation year



Robert Taylor and Michael Peraza Jr.



Goof Troop sees the protagonists of the early 1950’s Goofy cartoons in a modern version. In this animated series, Goofy moves back to his hometown of Spoonerville with his son, Max. To his surprise, he finds out that his new neighbour is no other than his high school friend Pete. Soon, the two families become inseparable and start doing almost everything together. As his name indicates, Goofy is still portrayed as a silly character, while his son is relatively normal. Understandably, this leads to some very funny moments!

Who are the main characters of Goof Troop?

Goofy: The main character, a single father raising his son Max in the suburbs of Spoonerville.
Max Goof: Goofy's son, a young boy who is often embarrassed by his father's antics.
Peg Pete: Pete's wife and the mother of P.J. and Pistol.
P.J. Pete: Pete and Peg's son, a young boy who is friends with Max.
Pistol Pete: Pete and Peg's daughter, a young girl who is friends with Max.
Waffles: Goofy's pet cat.
How to Narrator: The narrator of the show.
Dentist: A dentist who appears in one episode.
Spud: A boy who appears in one episode.
Myron the Bulk: A boy who appears in one episode.
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