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Grenadine & Peppermint

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Country of origin


Creation year



Fabrique d’Images (based on the comic books created by Colonel Moutarde)


Grenadine loves to discover things and is always inventing a thousand wild adventures. Adventures with a capital A. Dangerous missions, strange investigations, commando operations that she gets into with her friend Peppermint, a usually placid penguin whom she thinks has the right stuff to make a super hero. Peppermint accepts to play the super hero role so he can keep Grenadineā€™s esteem. This unusual duo, which feeds on the secret needs of the other, is at the center of all the adventures of the series.

In French, this animated series is known as “Grenadine & Mentalo”.

Who are the main characters of Grenadine & Peppermint?

Grenadine: a little Inuit girl who loves all kinds of adventures. She is curious, energetic and always up for mischief.
Peppermint: Grenadine's best friend, a penguin who is rather laid back. He always agrees to play the sidekick in her adventure plays, just to make her happy.

Production studio: Fabrique d'Images

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