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Heidi, Girl of the Alps

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The Japanese animated series Heidi, Girl of the Alps, is an adaptation of the 1880 novel Heidi’s Years of Wandering and Learning by the Swiss author Johanna Spryri. It is a great classical children’s book. Little Heidi lost her parents when she was just one year old, and has been raised by her aunt Dete since then. But when Heidi turns 5, her aunt finds a job in Frankfurt and decides to leave the little girl with her grandfather in the mountains. It’s very difficult for the solitary grandfather to show love and affection, but after some time Heidi completely wins him over with her kindness and her intelligence. Heidi also becomes best friends with the goatherd Peter, with whom she spends countless hours roaming the mountain tops.

Who are the main characters of Heidi?

Heidi: A five-year-old orphan girl who goes to live with her grandfather in the Swiss Alps.
Dete: Heidi's aunt who takes her to live with her grandfather and later abandons her in Frankfurt.
Alm-Onji: Heidi's grandfather, a gruff old man who lives in the Swiss Alps.
Josef: Alm-Onji's dog.
Peter: A goatherd who befriends Heidi in the Alps.
Clara: A wealthy German girl who Heidi befriends in Frankfurt.
Miss Rottenmeier: Clara's governess who is very strict with Heidi.
Sebastian: The kindly butler in Clara's household.
Clara's grandmother: A kind old woman who helps Heidi learn to read.
Mr. Sesemann: Clara's father, a wealthy German businessman.
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