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Parovoz Animation Studio



“Heroes of Envell” is a Russian animated series. It tells the story of four gamers from St. Petersburg, who found an unusual laptop that turned out to be a portal to the world of the game Heroes of Envell. Everything is real there: the city itself, its inhabitants, and the dangers waiting around every corner. In the first season, the characters go through the game and in the finale, battle its main villain, Mourgarth, who wants to escape to the real world.

Who are the main characters of Heroes of Envell?

Victor Evans: a nerdy and pessimistic young man.
Arthur Turner: the leader of the group, a responsible and decisive young man.
Kira Evans: an egotistical hooligan.
Phillip Anderson: an energetic and happy young man.
Mourgarth: the main antagonist of the series.

Production studio: Parovoz Animation Studio

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