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Country of origin

United States of America

Creation year



Adam Rex


The series Home: Adventures of Tip & Oh is based on the 2015 animated movie Home. The population of the earth is now a mix of human and alien culture. The fearless human girl Tip and the overenthusiastic Boov alien Oh are still the greatest of friends and together they find adventures in every corner of this combined world.

Who are the main characters of Home: Adventures with Tip & Oh?

Tip: A human girl who is the main protagonist of the show. She is adventurous and curious.
Oh: A friendly and helpful alien who befriends Tip. He is often confused by human customs.
Pig: Tip's pet pig who is often lazy and loves to eat.
Boovs: A race of aliens who are constantly on the run from their enemies, the Gorg.
J.Lo: A Boov who is one of Tip's friends. He is clumsy and often makes mistakes.
Smek: The leader of the Boovs. He is short-tempered and often bossy.
Kyle: A human boy who is Tip's love interest. He is adventurous and daring.
Lucy: Kyle's little sister who is adventurous and curious, like Tip.
Captain Smek: A Boov captain who is short-tempered and often bossy, like Smek.
The Gorg: A race of aliens who are the Boovs' enemies. They are large and intimidating.
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