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United States

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The Brothers Chaps (Mike and Matt Chapman)


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Homestar Runner is a flash-animated comedy web series, that blends surreal humour and self-parody, with strong references to pop culture like video games, TV and pop music. The various episodes put different characters on the forefront, with Homestar Runner and Strong Bad being the main ones.

Who are the main characters of Homestar Runner?

Homestar Runner: The main character of the cartoon, he is a lovable, yet dim-witted, athlete.
Strong Bad: Homestar's best friend and foil, he is a self-proclaimed "cool guy" who is actually a trouble-maker.
Strong Mad: Strong Bad's muscle-bound brother, he is a gentle giant who is not very bright.
Strong Sad: Strong Bad's morose brother, he is a sensitive soul who is often the butt of his brother's jokes.
The Cheat: Strong Bad's pet and sidekick, he is a mischievous little creature who is adept at mischief and cheating.
Marzipan: Homestar's girlfriend, she is a sweet and caring earthy hippie type.
Pom Pom: Homestar's best friend and teammate, he is a laid-back, yet loyal, member of Homestar's team.
The King of Town: The self-proclaimed ruler of the town, he is a greedy and gluttonous character who is always looking for a free meal.
Bubs: The town's resident con artist, he is a fast-talking wheeler and dealer who is always looking for a quick buck.
Coach Z: The town's resident sports coach, he is a enthusiastic, yet clueless, character who is always eager to help.
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