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Unofficial Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius cartoon wiki page

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Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius

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Country of origin

United States of America

Creation year



John A. Davis



The young primary school boy Jimmy Neutron is extremely intelligent. He lives in Retroville with his parents and his robotic dog Goddard. Jimmy spends most of his time building complex inventions in order to advance science. Unfortunately his over-protective parents, Hugh and Judy, don’t always agree with Jimmy.

Who are the main characters of Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius?

Jimmy Neutron: A young boy genius who invents outlandish gadgets and often finds himself in wacky adventures.
Carl Wheezer: Jimmy's best friend, a bespectacled nerd who is often scared and prone to allergies.
Sheen Estevez: Jimmy's other best friend, an excitable boy who is obsessed with UltraLord.
Cindy Vortex: Jimmy's rival and next-door neighbor, a sassy girl who is often unimpressed with his inventions.
Libby Folfax: Cindy's best friend, a sweet girl who is always up for an adventure.
Hugh Neutron: Jimmy's absent-minded father, a scientist who is often oblivious to the chaos around him.
Judy Neutron: Jimmy's mother, a stay-at-home mom who is always ready to lend a helping hand.
Goddard: Jimmy's talking, flying robot dog, who is always loyal and eager to please.
Miss Fowl: Jimmy's teacher, who was shrunken down to a very small size.
King Goobot: The leader of the Yolkians, a species of egg-like aliens who live on the planet Yolkus.

Production studio: DNA Production

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