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United States of America

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Van Partible


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The hero of this serie is Johnny Bravo, a self-proclaimed womanizer. He is quite the narcissist and is very proud of his muscular physique. He always wears sunglasses, has a pompadour and an Elvis Presley-like voice, is apparently of Italian heritage and lives in Aron City (a nod to Elvis Presley’s middle name). Unfortunately he is also quite stupid. Episodes typically revolve around Johnny trying to get a woman to go on a date with him, but his advances are usually rejected and result in the woman in question causing him harm in a comedic way. Johnny’s companions are Bunny “Momma” Bravo, who’s his lively, caring, extroverted, equally dimwitted mother; and Little Suzy, a talkative and intelligent little girl from the neighbourhood who likes to annoy Johnny, although he rarely remembers her name.
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