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Hugo Gittard (Xilam Animation)


“Karate Sheep” is a French animated series that premiered in 2022. It was created by Hugo Gittard, who is also the creator of “Zig & Sharko” and the latest reboot of “Mr. Magoo”.

It follows the daily adventures of two clever sheep who use karate and high-tech gadgets to protect their flock from a hungry wolf. The show centers around Trico, an enthusiastic sheep who loves to share new objects and ideas with the rest of the flock, causing chaos in the mountain pastures. Especially for Wanda, a tough ewe, is responsible for keeping the sheep safe from the lurking Wolf, who is always waiting to pounce. Wolf is always lurking in the shadows, patiently waiting for his chance and making the most of the chaos.

The show’s humor is reminiscent of the Wile E. Coyote/Roadrunner style, with constant slapstick violence and cartoonish aggression, but no actual weapons are used. While the animal characters are frequently in peril, they never have lasting injuries. Xilam has launched an extensive digital and social media campaign, with an official Karate Sheep YouTube channel that offers nonstop action and hilarious fun as our brave sheep use their martial arts skills to defend their herd against the wolf who is determined to gobble them up. There is also a TikTok account and an upcoming app.

“Karate Sheep” includes themes of friendship, teamwork and acceptance of each other’s differences, but also offers loads of slapstick humor, plenty of full-on martial arts and a celebration of nature.

Who are the main characters of Karate Sheep?

Trico: a brave and enthusiastic sheep who uses new objects and ideas to protect the flock from a hungry wolf.
Wanda: a tough ewe who is responsible for the safety of the flock. She uses martial arts to defeat the wolf.
Wolf: a hungry wolf who is always lurking in the shadows, waiting for his chance to pounce on the sheep.

Production studio: Xilam

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