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Maciej Kur and Rafal Skarzycki (based on the comic series by Janusz Christa)



“Kayko and Kokosh” is the first Polish original Netflix animated series. It premiered in 2021 and is based on the hugely popular comic series by Polish author Janusz Christa.

The heroes of the series are the titular Kayko and Kokosh, two Slavic warriors living in the town of castellan MirmiƂ. Their main enemies are the Robbers under the command of Hegemon, their powerful and cunning leader. He harbors hatred for all the inhabitants of MirmiƂów, often threatening, when the action of conquering the stronghold is unsuccessful, that he will kill the people of Grodno with his subjects. important characters in the series include: MirmiƂa’s wife, Lubawa, the little Dragon Miluƛ , the witch Jaga and her husband, the thug Ɓamignat , and the sloppy robber Oferma.

Who are the main characters of Kayko & Kokosh?

Kayko: he is one of the two protagonists of the show, a short, very intelligent and brave warrior. He is Kokosh's best friend. He is the personification of positive features, although from time to time, like Kokosh, he succumbs to various temptations. He usually thinks about fixing any situation. He can shoot a bow very well and is also skilled with a sword. Sometimes he is angry with Kokosh for eating meat dishes or for having more of them than he does.
Kokosh: the second main character of the show, a stout, overweight and bald warrior. He likes to eat a lot and is also quite cowardly as well as superstitious; does not like to be interrupted during a meal by threatening others that it will lead to fistfights. Kokosh often eats, drinks potions and drinks that are not allowed to be tasted, which causes him to change his approach to the environment.
MirmiƂ: the castellan of MirmiƂowa with a long red mustache. He is extremely bald.
Jaga: a witch, who is Kokosh's aunt. She is very smart and has magical powers. She can fly on a broomstick and prepare magic potions.
Ɓamignat: a robber, a friend of Kayko and Kokosh. He is very kind, sensitive and has a friendly nature. Professionally, he robs the rich and helps the poor, like a local Robin Hood.
Dragon Miluƛ: a dragon that hatched from an egg found in the forest by Kayko and Kokosh. He is afraid of small animals, when he sees them he breathes fire.

Production studio: GS Animation

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