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Darren Price, Anthony Aston and Patrick Egerton


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The series Kazoops! revolves around the six-year-old boy Monty Kazoops, who has a vivid imagination, and his best friend Jimmy Jones, the cheeky family pet pig. In each episode Monty confronts a preconception about life and sets out to challenge it with a wild imaginary adventure that offers them a new perspective.

Who are the main characters of Kazoops!?

Kazoops: A young boy who is full of energy and curiosity. He loves to imagine and explore new things.
Monty: Kazoops' pet pig who is always up for an adventure. He is loyal and brave, and loves to eat.
Jimmy Jones: Kazoops' best friend who is always up for a game. He is competitive and likes to win.
Susie Saxophone: A girl in Kazoops' class who is always playing her saxophone. She is creative and musical.
Mr. Aloysius: Kazoops' grumpy next-door neighbor who doesn't like noise. He is grumpy and irritable.
Mrs. Whistleblower: Kazoops' teacher who is always blowing her whistle. She is strict and orderly.
Mr. Bump: A man who is always bumping into things. He is clumsy and accident-prone.
Mrs. Hush: A woman who is always trying to keep things quiet. She is gentle and calm.
Professor KooKoo: A scientist who is always doing experiments. He is curious and inquisitive.
Max: Kazoops' pet

Production studio: Giggle Garage Animations

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