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United States

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Craig McCracken

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Kid’s big dream is to become a superhero, which seems hard to accomplish when you live somewhere in the middle of the desert. When a spaceship crashes near his house, he finds 5 Cosmic Stones of Power, that will give him and 4 others superpowers. When Kid finds out these stones also attract alien invasions, he forms a team of superheroes formed by his grandfather, his friends Jo and Rosa and a cat. To help overcome any invasion, they are assisted by Stuck Chuck, an alien invader stranded on Earth.

Who are the main characters of Kid Cosmic?

Kid Cosmic: The main character of the show, he is an energetic and optimistic boy who loves superheroes.
Tuna: Kid Cosmic's best friend, she is a tomboyish girl who is loyal and protective.
Goopy: Kid Cosmic's other best friend, he is a small boy who is afraid of almost everything.
Cosmic Girl: Kid Cosmic's superhero alter ego, she is strong and brave.
Mr. Cosmic: Kid Cosmic's father, he is a kind and loving man.
Mrs. Cosmic: Kid Cosmic's mother, she is a kind and loving woman.
Grandma: Kid Cosmic's grandmother, she is a wise and loving woman.
The Chief: The head of the superhero organization Kid Cosmic belongs to, he is a strict but fair man.
Stretch: A member of the superhero organization Kid Cosmic belongs to, he is a tall and lanky man.
Aqua Lad: A member of the superhero organization Kid Cosmic belongs to, he is a brave and strong man.

Production studio: Mercury Filmworks

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