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United States

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Lucy Heavens and Nic Smal



The animated series “Kiff” was produced by Disney Television Animation and animated by Titmouse, Inc.

It is set in Table Town, a fictitious mountainous place inhabited by magical creatures and animals alike. The protagonist of the series is Kiff, a young and optimistic squirrel who sets off on adventures. Although she always has the best intentions at heart, her endeavours inevitably lead to complete chaos. Kiff is accompanied by her best friend and sidekick Barry, a sweet and mellow blue rabbit. Together, they take Table Town by storm with their endless adventures and zest for life.

Kiff records all her adventures on the local social media channel Table Toob, through her internet alias “Kifftastic4”.

Who are the main characters of Kiff?

Kiff: an young optimistic squirrel. On Table Toob, her alias is "Kifftastic4"
Barry: Kiff's best friend, a sweet rabbit.
Martin Chatterley: Kiff's father, a dim-witted squirrel.
Beryl Chatterley: Kiff's mother.
Mary Buns: Barry's mother.
Harry Buns: Barry's older sister. She's a social media influencer.
Kristophe Buns: Barry's baby brother. He's only got one ear.
Helen: a selfish witch who works as drama teacher at Kiff and Barry's school.
Trollie: a troll who lives under the bridge in Table Town.
Reggie: one of Kiff and Barry's classmates, a raccoon.

Production studio: Titmouse

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Kiff videos on Youtube

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