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Krtek the Little Mole

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Country of origin

Czech Republic

Creation year



Zdenek Miller



“Krtek the Little Mole” is a Czech animated series that has become an iconic figure of Czech popular culture since its debut in 1956. The series is beloved not only in the Czech Republic but also in many other countries around the world, where it is known by different names and has been translated into various languages.

The series was created by Zdeněk Miler, a Czech animator who was inspired to create the character of Krtek (which means “little mole” in Czech) after seeing a mole hill while on a walk in the countryside. The first episode of the series, which was originally titled “How the Mole Got His Trousers,” featured Krtek trying on a variety of clothing items that he finds in the woods before settling on a pair of red trousers.

Each episode of “Krtek the Little Mole” features Krtek in a different adventure, often involving encounters with other animals or exploration of the natural world. The series is characterized by its gentle humor, simple animation style, and charming sound effects. Krtek himself is a lovable and endearing character, with his round body, oversized hands, and bright red nose.

One of the most distinctive aspects of “Krtek the Little Mole” is its lack of dialogue. Instead, the series relies on visual storytelling and sound effects to convey the action and emotions of the characters. This makes the series accessible to viewers of all ages and cultures, and also helps to highlight the universal themes of friendship, curiosity, and exploration that are at the heart of the stories.

Over the years, “Krtek the Little Mole” has become a cultural icon in the Czech Republic, with the character appearing on everything from stamps and coins to toys and clothing. The series has also been recognized with numerous awards and accolades, including a Golden Palm at the Cannes Film Festival in 1963.

Despite the simplicity of its animation style and storytelling, “Krtek the Little Mole” has enduring appeal and has captivated audiences for over six decades. Its timeless charm and universal themes have made it a beloved classic not just in the Czech Republic but around the world.

Who are the main characters of Little Mole?

Krtek: The title character, Krtek is a small mole who is kind and hardworking.
Mrs. Mole: Krtek's mother, she is loving and supportive.
Mr. Mole: Krtek's father, he is hardworking and stern.
Little Brother: Krtek's younger brother, he is mischievous and full of energy.
Grandfather Mole: Krtek's grandfather, he is wise and experienced.
Mrs. Bear: A kind bear who helps Krtek and is a friend to all.
Mr. Wolf: A friendly wolf who is always up for a game of tag.
Mrs. Rabbit: A fast rabbit who is always on the go.
Mr. Frog: A laid-back frog who loves to relax in the sun.
Miss Mouse: A sweet mouse who is always ready to help Krtek with whatever he needs.
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