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Larva Kids

Larva Kids

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Country of origin

South Korea

Creation year



TUBAn Animation Studio



Even Red and Yellow were small once! Join the two famous larvae and all their insect friends to learn all the greatest nursery rhymes. The Alphabet Song, Old Macdonald had a farm, Baa Baa Black Sheep… you’ll be surprised how well Red and Yellow can sing and dance!

Who are the main characters of Larva Kids?

Red: A small, red larva who is always angry. He is hot-tempered and quick to fight.
Yellow: A small, yellow larva who is always happy. He is optimistic and always sees the best in people.
Blue: A small, blue fly who is always sad. He is pessimistic and often feels down because no one like the way he smells.
Pink: A young, pink larva who is very pretty.
Ivory: A young grasshopper.
Rainbow: A young snail with a multi-colored shell.
Violet: A little creature who looks inoffensive. But when it feels threatened, it shows sharp teeth that will devour any bug.
Black: A small, black beetle who is very strong and evil. He is mean and nasty, and loves to cause trouble.
Brown: A small, brown bug who is always dirty. He is messy and often makes others clean up after him.

Production studio: TUBAn

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