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Country of origin

Germany, France, US and India

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Eric Knight

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Lassie, a border collie, is the dog of the Parker family, with the father working as Head of the Grand Mountain National Park Ranger Department. Just like her father, Zoe has a great love for nature, and she is very passionate about its protection. Unfortunately, she is very impulsive and often puts her life at risk when wanting to help other. Luckily she can always call on Lassie, who is fearless and brave, and who will come to the rescue in every situation.

Who are the main characters of Lassie?

Lassie: A brown and white collie who lives in the Grand Mountain National Park with her owners, the Parker family.
Zoe Parker: Owner of Lassie and daughter of Sarah and Graham.
Chief Ranger Graham Parker: Head of the Grand Mountain National park Ranger Department.
Dr. Sarah Parker: The National Park's resident veterinarian.
Harvey Smith: Zoe's best friend.
Mrs. Beth Smith: Mother of Harvey Smith.
Samantha Humphrey: Zoe and Harvey's snooty rival.
Mr. Robert Humphrey: Owner and manager of the Valley Hotel.
Mrs. Ida Lee: Proprietor of the National Park's general store, 'The Happy Camper'.
Biff the pug: Mrs. Lee's pug who delivers the Parker's morning paper.

Production studio: Superprod Animation

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