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Country of origin

France, United Kingdom and United States

Creation year



Erik Casemiro, Vincent Chalvon-Demersay, David Michel and David Lopez



The Lilybuds are tiny magical creatures who act as gardeners. They spend their lives taking care of the Garden Park and all the animals and plants that live there. They are all very close friends and have one common goal: make Garden Park the most beaufiful and colorful place on earth. The Lilybuds are always in a good mood, and they tend to their chores with optimism, courage and humour.

Who are the main characters of Lilybuds?

Zinnia: The messenger of the Lilybuds, who warns them when humans approach the garden.
Rose: The leader of the Lilybuds. She mostly grows flowers and plants.
Cap: He looks like a mushroom and is a nervous and easily frightened Lilybud.
Daffodil: A helpful Lilybud who likes knitting.
Thistle: A clumsy Lilybud who ruins all the things she planned.
Moss: An excitable and carefree Lilybud.
Lilac: A silly and overdramatic Lilybud who likes fashion.
Thorn: He's the cook.
Bucky: A beaver who helps Thorn prepare the food and organize the meals.
Ellery: A mischievous chipmunk who likes to steal the Lilybuds' food.

Production studio: Blue Spirit

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Lilybuds Theme Song

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