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Supamonks (based on the picture book by Benjamin Chaud)


Little Bear Pompon is a very determined little bear: he likes to be considered as a big bear, and most of all, he likes to do things his way! He always does what is asked of him, but he will always find his own way of dealing with things. Pompon is very creative in finding solutions to resolve any problem or to do accomplish any chore. For Pompon, the most important thing is to have fun no matter what! This series is known as “Pompon Ours” in its original French version.

Who are the main characters of Little Bear?

Pompon: A small, curious bear cub who lives in the forest with his animal friends.
Mother Bear: Little Bear's patient and loving mother who takes care of him.
Father Bear: Little Bear's hardworking and gentle father who goes on adventures with him.
Grandfather Bear: Little Bear's wise and playful grandfather who tells stories and goes on adventures with him.
Rita: One of Little Bear's best friends. She is a gray badger.
Georges: One of Little Bear's friend who is a brown bear.
Linette: Little Bear's friend, she is a honey bear.

Production studio: Supamonks

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