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Little Einsteins

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Country of origin

United States of America

Creation year



Eric Weiner and Olexa Hewryk


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The series Little Einsteins’ main goal is to introduce art and music to young viewers. Every episode integrates famous or culturally significant art works like paintings, and classical music from the Baroque, Classical, and Romantic era. Leo, June, Quincy and Annie are the four protagonists of the series.

Who are the main characters of Little Einsteins?

Leo: The leader of the Little Einsteins, a 7-year old who wears glasses. He is a conductor.
Annie: The smartest of the Little Einsteins, she is inquisitive and always ready for an adventure. She's Leo's younger sister.
Quincy: The most musical of the Little Einsteins, a little African boy who loves to sing and can play all sorts of instruments.
June: The youngest of the Little Einsteins, she is curious and imaginative. She comes from China and is a ballerina.
Rocket: The Little Einsteins' transportation mode, and also their friend.
Big Jet: He's a blue fighter plane who ruins parties and steals things.
Melody: Leo's musical pet.
The Bad Knight: He imprisoned The Good Knight. He rides a cello that thinks it's a horse.
Grandma Rocket: Rocket's grandmother. She is purple and has gray hair.

Production studio: Curious Pictures

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