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Beck Cole, Jon Bell, Erica Glynn, Danielle Maclean, Bruce Pascoe and Dot West (developed with the Australian Council for Educational Research)



This is the first Australian cartoon featuring indigenous characters. Originally designed as a school readiness initiative, Little J & Big Cuz teach young people about Aboriginal Australian culture and language. 5-year-old Little J and his older cousin Big Cuz discover more about their heritage from their Nanna and their teacher Miss Chen, with Nanna acting as the narrator. The series is available in various Aboriginal languages and dialects, some of which are only spoken by a couple of thousand people.

Who are the main characters of Little J & Big Cuz?

Little J: The main character, he is a 5-year-old Indigenous boy who is curious and adventurous.
Big Cuz: Little J's older cousin, she is 9 and she is a responsible and protective big sister figure.
Nanna: Little J and Big Cuz's grandmother. She is wise and kind, and often tells stories about her culture.
Miss Chen: Little J and Big Cuz's teacher.
Levi: Another aboriginal boy.
Uncle Mick: Little J and Big Cuz's uncle.
Mrs. Green:

Production studio: Blue Rocket Productions

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