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Meet Daria, Helen, Dorma, Rooney and Lisa! They are all Tiaras from different kingdoms who attend a school of wizardry under the watchful eye of the Great Immortal. The Tiaras each have their own magic powers, but they have to be careful in their everyday lives as ordinary school children as well. Every day brings its own share of adventures, mysteries and dangers, and helps the young Tiaras discover real magic inside themselves.

Who are the main characters of Little Tiaras?

Little Tia: The main character of the cartoon, she is a young girl who dreams of becoming a famous singer.
her father: He is a single father who is struggling to make ends meet.
her mother: She is a loving and supportive mother who is always there for her daughter.
her best friend: A loyal and supportive friend who is always there for her.
the bully: A mean and bullying classmate who makes life difficult for Little Tia.
the teacher: A kind and patient teacher who helps Little Tia reach her potential.
the principal: A strict and no-nonsense principal who keeps the school in order.
the janitor: A friendly and helpful janitor who is always there to help Little Tia.
the librarian: A kind and helpful librarian who helps Little Tia find the books she needs.
the school nurse: A caring and nurturing school nurse who is always there to help Little Tia.

Production studio: APC Kids

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