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Lloyd of the Flies

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Country of origin

United Kingdom

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Matthew Walker



“Lloyd of the Flies” is a British CGI-animated series, created by Aardman. The show premiered in 2022 and is the flagship project for the government-funded Young Audience Content Fund, which is managed by the British Film Institute.

The series follows the adventures of Lloyd B Fly, a housefly and the middle child of 451 siblings. Lloyd lives with his parents, his little sister PB and their 224 maggot siblings inside a compost bin they call home. In the series, Lloyd and PB are usually accompanied by Lloyd’s best friend, Abacus Woodlouse, and eccentric tag-along, Cornea Butterfly. Together they explore the strange world beyond the compost bin, where there is no shortage of lessons for Lloyd to very nearly learn.

Who are the main characters of Lloyd of the Flies?

Lloyd B Fly: he's a bit different from his siblings. He's very creative and wants to stand out from the crowd. He loves making fun and enjoys food.
PB Fly: Lloyd's little sister who loves to tease him. She's a cheeky, excitable, impulsive and curious little fly.
Abacus Woodlouse: he's Lloyd's best and only friend. He's very kind but lacks personality. He tends to follow Lloyd into his funny business.
Cornea Butterfly: she's a butterfly with a broken wing who lives inside the house. She's very positive and friendly.
Berry P Fly: Lloyd's enemy, a confident and charming fly who gravely annoys Lloyd. Berry is very popular and can easily convince others.
Gena B Fly: she's considered as the authority figure of the Fly family, because she is very experienced. She is active, social and has a dry sense of humor.
Malcolm B Fly: a warm but clumsy and pedantic fly who worries about the wrong things.

Production studio: Aardman Animations

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