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Mark Thornton and Todd Kauffman

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Luc and Theo are two friends from 8th grade who get stuck in a time loop. Every day is Monday, 12th October. Since they know exactly what will happen at what time, they can do whatever they want in between. This attitude gets them in a lot of trouble, especially at school.

Who are the main characters of Looped?

Loopy: The main character of the cartoon, he is a small blue bird who is always getting himself into trouble.
Sniffles: Loopy's best friend, he is a small yellow bird who is always there to help Loopy out of a jam.
Flip: Loopy's other best friend, he is a small orange bird who is always up for a adventure.
Clucky: Loopy's little sister, she is a small yellow chick who is always following her big brother around.
Peck: Loopy's other little sister, she is a small pink chick who is always getting herself into mischief.
Mother Hen: Loopy's mother, she is a large white hen who is always clucking her disapproval.
Father Rooster: Loopy's father, he is a large red rooster who is always crowing his approval.
Farmer Brown: The owner of the farm where Loopy and his family live, he is a kind and gentle man who is always ready to help out his feathered friends.
Mrs. Brown: Farmer Brown's wife, she is a kind and gentle woman who is always ready to help out her feat
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