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Knowledge Kids (based on the books by Michael Mayes and Rory O’Sullivan)


“Luna, Chip & Inkie: Adventure Rangers Go” is the first original animated series by the Canadian public broadcaster “Knowledge Network”. The show is destined for children from 3 to 6 and is based on the books by Michael Mayes and Rory O’Sullivan. It is a series filled with great songs and lovable characters, that features age-appropriate themes, early learning lessons, great humor and fun.

The show features Luna the Owl, Chip the Beaver and Inkie the Octopus, and is set in the mountains and forests, lakes and ocean near the fictional town of Eagle Creek. The setting is inspired by the Pacific West Coast. In every episode, Luna, Chip and Inkie try and help tackle to problems in their home town. Unfortunately, they often encounter their own hilarious flops that must first be resolved before they can start helping others. The main theme of the show are kindness, empathy and resilience. No matter how overwhelmed you are by difficulties, or how challenging some problems feel, it is always worth looking at the problem from a different angle in order to find the solution.

Who are the main characters of Luna, Chip & Inkie?

Luna: she is a blue owl who has great leadership skills. She gets nervous and excited easily, but her friends always support her.
Chip: he is a beaver who's passionate about building stuff. He's always prepared to solve any problem and carries a large backpack filled with handy tools.
Inkie: she is a pink octopus with 8 tentacles. This allows her to multitask, one of her favourite things! She sometimes tends to want to do too much at once and gets overwhelmed.
Maureen Moose: she is the enthusiastic leader of the Mini-Moosers, a young troop who go on nature hikes, canoe trips or firefly watching evenings. Maureen loves telling stories and building camp fires.
Emilia Eaglehart: she delivers mail and supplies by air to Eagle Creek. She is very knowledgeable about the history of the land and loves sharing stories and legends about her ancestors.
Bert the Bear: he is a friendly, loveable and fuzzy bear who is always in a good mood. He helps everyone in Eagle Creek stay safe.
Little Bigfoot: he's a curious and sensitive little sasquatch who loves to try new things and make new friends.

Production studio: Mainframe Studios

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