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Mack & Moxy

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Country of origin

United States of America

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Brahm Wenger

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Mack and Moxy are the most enthusiastic creatures you’ll ever meet! Mack is a mooselike giant who immediately becomes friends with everyone he meets. Moxy is a super energetic and optimistic pink raccoon who’s never shy of a new challenge. Together with a helpful young Trooper, they spend their time helping other Great Helpees in HelpeeLand. In the show, numerous good causes are put under the spotlight, such as American Heart Association, Feeding America or World Wildlife Fund.

Who are the main characters of Mack & Moxy?

Mack: A mooselike gentle giant – the enthusiastic, fun-loving instant best pal of everyone he meets. He's always ready to lead, follow or dance, depending on the situation.
Moxy: A power-packed gorgeous pink raccoon who's filled with endless energy and eternal optimism.
The Troopers: Each episode features a guest Trooper, children are selected with, and for, the non-profit and their cause. The Troopers helped Mack & Moxy on their adventure to rescue the Great Helpee, while sharing knowledge about the cause.
Friend-In-Need: In each episode, Mack & Moxy meet a Friend-in-Need on one of their many adventures to save another Great Helpee. The Friend-in-Need introduces Mack & Moxy (and the audience at home) to a new and important cause.
The Admirable: The leader of the Great Helpee Heroes who sends Mack & Moxy on their mission to save another Great Helpee. Sometimes played by a guest celebrity. Season 1 guest stars include: Kal Penn, Keegan-Michael Key, Dean Norris, Eva LaRue, Matt Lucas, Melissa Fumero, Josh Duhamel, and Rachael Ray. Female admirables (like Kellee McQuinn) wear golden bowtie necklaces around their necks and ornament headbands on their heads while male admirables wear golden neckties around their necks and goggles on their foreheads.
Clixx: A classic, scatter-brained brainiac robot. Clixx's job is to provide technical help and guidance via Instant Moosaging to Mack & Moxy on their adventure to save the Great Helpee.
The Great Helpee: Magical creatures whose powers bring happiness and helpfulness to the world. In each episode, a new Great Helpee is about to hatch in HelpeeLand and the show's Heroes are on a mission to find it first.
Shelfish Sheldon: A devil lobster with big problems. He's a selfish, claw-rubbing schemer who is obsessed with keeping all the Great Helpees for himself.

Production studio: Bardel Entertainment

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