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Madagascar A Little Wild

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Country of origin

United States

Creation year



DreamWorks Animation Television (based on characters by Tom McGrath and Eric Darnell)



Alex the Lion, Marty the Zebra, Gloria the Hippo and Melman the Giraffe were just little ones at one point. In this second prequel to the 2005 animated movie, the young animals have all sorts of adventures in and around the rescue habitat at the Central Park Zoo. Growing up is never easy, especially when you live in captivity. But as they grow older, the animals learn important life lessons while having a lot of fun!

Who are the main characters of Madagascar : A Little Wild?

Alex: A lion cub who is the leader of the Zoosters of Central Park Zoo. He loves to be in the spotlight and is very adventurous.
Marty: A zebra foal who's best friends with Alex, he is well-organized and strict about safety.
Gloria: A hippopotamus calf who is sassy and self-confident. She loves swimming and dancing.
Melman: A giraffe calf who's very anxious of butterflies. He lives in his own little world.
Ant'ney: A street-wise pigeon who delivers all the big news to the Zoosters. He sometimes helps the animals on their adventures.
Pickles and Dave: Two chimpanzee siblings who share a habitat with the Zoosters. They can leave the Zoo through a secret tunnel in their tree.
Kate: She is the zookeeper of the Central Park Zoo in New York. She loves the Zoosters.
Carlos: Another employee of the zoo, who's not so clever as Kate.
Ranger Hoof: A military horse who likes to visit the New York Zoo. Marty idolizes her.
Lucia: An excitable sloth who loves exchanging knowledge.

Production studio: DreamWorks Animation Television

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