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(based on the books by Didier Lévy and Benjamin Chaud



Lilibug is little fairy ladybird, who lives on a pink cloud over the jungle, and who has a very special ability. She can grant anyone’s wish or solve any problem, by landing on their nose. But it turns out she often lands on noses of those whose wish it is impossible to fulfil. Even though Lilibug always has the best intentions, her actions often have disastrous results! Known in French as “La Fée Coquillette”.

Who are the main characters of Magic Lilibug?

Lilibug: The main character of the show. She's a little fairy ladybird, who can grant wishes.
Parsifal: A lonely Russian bear in search of a friend.
Gaston: A donkey who wants to learn how to read.
Mike: A lion prince who would like to be loved by a young giraffe.
Norma A giraffe.
Albert A hippopotamus, who wishes to marry Norma the giraffe.
Fidelio A rhinoceros who's a very good dancer.

Production studio: 2 Minutes and Les Armateurs

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