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Country of origin

France and Italy

Creation year



Eryk Casimero and Cyril Deydier (based on the Magiki toy line)



Magiki is a preschool-animated show that is about a 7-year-old girl named Billie, who lives with her parents and older twin sisters, Marie and Antoinette. Billie is a tomboyish girl who constantly gets picked on and treated unfairly by her older twin sisters. When this happens, she uses a magical key to open her toy box to transport herself and take refuge in the magical kingdom of Magik. This mystical land is populated by elves, unicorns, mermaids and other creatures, and Billie is made princess of all of it!

Her toys also come to live and help her overcome her sisters’ meddling. Her neighbour and best friend Truman mostly also comes along. He becomes Billie’s trusted counsel in Magiki. Whenever there’s trouble in the world in which Billie journeys in, it’s always because of the twins, who are also the baddies in the world of Magiki. Together with Countess Elizabeth, Lady Fiona, Scorch, Bunny Cuddles and other people, Billie and Truman try to have fun and solve problems to make the world a better place.

In Magiki, Princess Billie explores the real-world issues of fairness, sibling rivalry and self-confidence.

Who are the main characters of Magiki?

Billie: a 7-year-old blonde little girl who gets bullied by her older sisters. She escapes to the magical world of Magiki, where she becomes Princess Billie.
Marie and Antoinette: Billie's older twin sisters. They pick on her and never miss a chance to bully her. In the kingdom of Magiki, they are two villains.
Truman: Billie's best friend and neighbour. He joins her in Magiki and becomes her trusted counsel.
Countess Elizabeth: a dutiful and uptight dog.
Sir Kitty Cat: an irresponsible and chatty cat.
Scorch: a friendly human-sized dragon.
Lady Fiona: a blue unicorn who's friends with Billie.
Bunny Cuddles: a purple bunny, friend of Billie.

Production studio: Zodiak Kids & Family (now part of Banijay Group)

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