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Gérard Moncomble and Nadine Rouvière



The animated series “Manon” is a French-Canadian children’s animated series for preschoolers, that started airing in 2007. It is based on the book series by G√©rald Moncomble and Nadine Rouvi√®re.

The series follows the daily adventures of Manon, a little blonde-haired girl. She spends most of her days on the family farm with her dog Bingo and her cat Melba, who follow her around wherever she goes. Manon adores all animals big and small, and she invents all sorts of activities and games with them. That is why she is nicknamed “the little Queen of Animals”.

The original Manon-series counted 52 episodes of 3 minutes each, and a revival of the series was produced by Roblox TV Studios Inc. in 2008.

Who are the main characters of Manon?

Manon: a little girl who loves animals and spends her days at the farm playing with them.
Bingo: Manon's pet dog.
Melba: Manon's pet cat.

Production studio: Sardine Productions (part of Sphere)

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