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Monello Productions


“Marblegen” is an exhilarating animated series that takes viewers on a thrilling journey into a mesmerizing world where marbles come to life and compete in epic battles of strategy, skill, and teamwork. Filled with excitement, friendship, and a touch of magic, the show centers around a group of young marble players as they enter the extraordinary realm of Marblegen and embark on a quest to become the ultimate marble champions.

In the near future, marbles competitions have gained immense popularity worldwide. Participants now utilize alchemy-powered marbles infused with the extraordinary abilities of magical and mythological beings. Annually, the best Marblegen players from across the globe gather for a prestigious tournament, vying for the coveted prize—a remarkably potent and esteemed marble.

In this intriguing realm, three individuals find themselves intertwined in an extraordinary adventure. Cosmo and Samuel, two orphaned youngsters, cross paths with Aissa, an affluent schoolgirl. Together, they are unexpectedly recruited by Luna, a young alchemist and the rightful heir of the Costello family—a lineage of alchemists shrouded in disgrace following the loss of the legendary marble, Mercurius.

With unwavering determination, this unlikely yet spirited team embarks on a challenging journey, aiming to conquer all opposition in their path. Their mission is to thwart the sinister ambitions of Marcellus King, a corrupt business tycoon who seeks to claim Mercurius for his own nefarious purposes.

Who are the main characters of Marblegen?

Cosmo: one of the main characters of the show, a blonde boy, who is an orphan. He is recruited to participate in the yearly Marblegen competition.
Samuel: the second main character of the series, a dark-haired boy, who is also an orphan. Together with Cosmo, he is choses to take part in the Marblegen competition.
Aissa: a high-class schoolgirl.
Luna Costello: a young alchemist, who is the heir of the Costello family of alchemists. They were disgraced when they lost the mythical marble Mercurius.
Marcellus King: a corrupt business tycoon, who wants the marble Mercurius for his own ends.

Production studio: Studio Redfrog

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