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Maya & Miguel

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Country of origin

United States

Creation year



Deborah Forte and Carlos Darta



Maya and Miguel are 10 years old and they’re twin brother and sister, which means they have a very special bond! Their mother is Mexican, while their father comes from Puerto Rico, giving their family a lovely multicultural blend. A lot of emphasis is put on doing good for the family and for the community, as well as the rich heritage of Latino family, language and culture. From an early age, Maya and Miguel learn that shared happiness is more important than personal gain.

Who are the main characters of Maya & Miguel?

Maya Santos: A spunky and resourceful 10-year-old girl who is one of the two main protagonist of the series.
Miguel: Maya's twin brother who is second main character of the show. The twins are of Mexican and Puerto Rican descent.
Theo McEwen: Miguel's best friend, an African-American boy who's good at soccer and other sports.
Maggie Lee: Maya's friend, a dramatic Chinese-American girl.
Chrissy Lum: Another of Maya's friend, a girl from Dominican descent. She loves animals.
Andy Arlington: An English-American boy who was born with only 1 arm. He often plays soccer or other sports with Miguel and Theo.
Tito Chávez: The twins' cousin who came to the US from Mexico. He often plays soccer with them.
Abuela Elena: The twins' grandmother.
Paco: The twins' pet, a bilingual macaw
Rosa and Santiago Santos: Maya and Miguel's parents.

Production studio: Starburst Animation Studio and Yeson Entertainment

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