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“Mike’s Bike” is a preschool series on BabyTV. Mike’s bicycle workshop is the place where everyone goes when they have a problem to solve, and it is always open to all friends who need help finding a solution.

Mike specialises in unique and funny inventions that cheer up and make everyone who enters smile. The main message of this series is to help youngsters put the idea “if you don’t succeed the first time, come back” into practice. If you don’t succeed the first time, try again (over and over again) in a different way.

In each episode, one of the characters seeks out Mike and asks him for help in solving a bicycle-related problem. Mike comes up with fun and creative solutions for his friends so that they can solve their problems.

With “Mike’s Bicycle”, the little ones will learn to solve problems and consider the importance of helping and supporting our friends. Imagination and initiative will be stimulated, while the joy and fun of the world of bicycles is presented.

Who are the main characters of Mike's Bike?

Mikey: he is an 8-year-old lion and the proud, inventive owner of a local bike shop. He’s charismatic, cheeky and always around to help! Mikey’s friends turn to him whenever they need their bike fixed - whether it be through safety issues, balance problems or design malfunctions - Mikey always knows what to do, even if it takes him a few attempts to get it right (!)
Petite: she is an adorable, fun-loving, eccentric 5-year-old elephant who loves dancing - particularly ballet - and feeling light and free. She’s a good friend of Mikey’s and often pops down to the bike shop with her playful little sister BonBon. Petite is creative, determined and responsible - particularly when it comes to caring for her younger sibling.
Hal: he is a incredibly sweet, determined 2-year-old owl and an avid cycler. Although he’s small, he always wants to keep up with his older friends and certainly looks up to Mikey! While Hal is a little hesitant at times, he never ever passes on adventure.
Bunny: Bunny is an adorable 4-year-old bunny with incredible fashion sense and imagination from her tail to the tip of her ears. Bunny loves to play dress-up - and not just on herself - but on her bike too! Mikey is always there to help Bunny find just the right costume for her bike, so she can go on adventures and journeys in her neighborhood.
Johnny: he is a very practical, hands-on 5-year-old deer who’s always weighing up the pros and cons of Mikey’s surprising inventions and bike renovations before trying them out. Johnny - and the rest of the Mike’s Bike gang (including so many other friends you haven’t met yet!) - are so excited to meet you and your little ones!

Production studio: OuO time

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