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Mikros Animation


Welcome to the wonderfully exciting and carefree world of Mini Wolf! This cute and cheeky little wolf is enjoying his childhood and invites everyone to come along on his daily adventures. Every morning Mini Wolf wakes up with a smile, and he can’t wait to see what the new day has in store for him. Join Mini Wolf and his friends on their escapades. This animated series is known as Mini-Loup in France and is based on a book character created by Philippe Matter.

Who are the main characters of Mini Wolf?

Mini Wolf: The protagonist of the show, he is a small and adorable wolf cub who is always up for an adventure.
Luna: Mini Wolf's best friend, she's also a little wolf cub. She's the most beautiful girl in the school and has a crush on Mini Wolf.
Lou: Luna's best friend. She's a sporty little cat.
Spiky: One of Mini Wolf's best friends. He's a little hedgehog.
Moussa: A strong little elephant.
Anderson: One of Mini Wolf's best friends. He's a little pig.
Big Wolf: Mini Wolf's grandmother, she is a kind and wise old wolf.
Mummy Wolf and Daddy Wolf: Mini Wolf's parents.
Napoleon: One of the Grunt brothers, annoying warthogs who pick on the other children, mainly Mini Wolf.
Mrs. Owl: Mini Wolf's helpful teacher.

Production studio: Technicolor Animation Productions

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