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Country of origin

United Kingdom

Creation year



Leon Joosen and Tony Nottage (based on the stories by James Reatchlous)



“Moley” is a British computer-animated series, based on the bedtime stories written by James Reatchlous. The show premiered in October 2021, after an initial production of a 30-minute TV special titled “Master Moley by Royal Invitation”.

“Moley” follows the adventures of Moley, a lovely, joyful and optimistic mole who lives in a burrow of Mole Town. He is the keeper of a magical book called Manny, that goes with him wherever he goes. Moley and his best friend Dotty travel around Mole Town and around the world to learn more about mole cultures and the human world above their heads.

When things don’t go as planned for Moley, his friends Dotty, Mona Lisa, Mystic Mole and Mishmash are always there to help him out. Moley’s most important task is keeping Manny out of the hands of The Gardener and his sidekick Squirm the Worm, who want to use the magic to their advantage.

Who are the main characters of Moley?

Moley: he is a funny, lovable and endearing English mole. He is the keeper of the Mystical Manual of Magic and is now the most famous mole in the world.
Manny: he's a flying, free-spirited, mysterious and mischievous magical book, kept by Moley.
Dotty: she is Moley's biggest fan. She's Moley's neighbour and likes to invent things.
Mishmosh: he's the most famous inventor and city planner of Mole Town. He loves coming up with new innovations.
Mona Lisa: she is Moley's best friend. She's very stylish and knows a lot about foreign countries and languages. She goes on adventures with Moley.
The Gardener: he's Moley biggest enemy. With the help of Squirm the mole, he tries to get his hands on Manny and misuse its magical powers.
Squirm: he's The Gardener sidekick. Although he looks really sweet, he enjoys mischief and mayhem.
Mystic Mole: he's a very wise and knowledgeable old mole, with a great sense of humor.
Lester: he's the owner of Café Moley's, a chain of coffee shops. He's a weathered businessman who also owns stores, restaurants and shops.
Old Coot: a zany member of the grand elders of Mole Town.

Production studio: Nottage Productions

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