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Country of origin

Japan and United States of America

Creation year



Yoshiharu Washino


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The Monchhichis are monkey-like creatures who live in the forest land of Monchia at the very top of tall trees well above the clouds. The tribe’s leader Wizzar is a magical wizard who can make up spells and potions to defeat their enemy, Horrg and the evil Grumplins of Grumplor.

Who are the main characters of Monchhichi?

Monchhichi: A monkey-like creature who is the main protagonist of the series. He is kind-hearted and always looks out for his friends.
Kuchipatchi: Monchhichi's best friend, a chubby little creature who is always hungry. He is good-natured and always up for a adventure.
Sachiko: Monchhichi's love interest, a female monkey-like creature who is very beautiful. She is sweet and caring, but can also be vain and selfish.
Pikotchi: A small, round creature who is always getting into trouble. He is mischievous and playful, but can also be a nuisance.
Mametchi: A mature and responsible creature who is the leader of Monchhichi's group. He is level-headed and always looks out for his friends.
Memetchi: Mametchi's little sister, a cute and innocent creature who is always following her brother around. She is sweet and caring, but can also be a little clingy.
Kompitchi: A tall, lanky creature who is always getting into fights. He is aggressive and hot-headed, but can also be a loyal friend.
Chicchai-san: A small, round creature who is always happy and smiling. He is friendly and good-natured, but can also be a little naïve.
Hapihapitchi: A creature who is always neat and tidy. She is a perfectionist and can be a bit of a neat freak, but she is also a good friend.
The Professor: A human scientist who is the main antagonist of the series. He is evil and wants to capture Monchhichi and his friends to use them for his experiments.

Production studio: Technicolor Animation Productions

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