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Country of origin

Japan, Finland and The Netherlands

Creation year



Telecable Benelux BV


The animated television series Moomin is based on the novels and comic strips written and illustrated by Tove and Lars Jansson. Young Moomin lives with his parents in a big, blue house in Moominvalley. Moomin spends his time looking for adventures. He often discovers magical objects and strange creatures. Together with his best friends, Moomin learns to deal with all kinds of situations that arise when growing up.

Who are the main characters of Moomin?

Moomintroll: The main character, he is curious and adventurous.
Moominmamma: Moomintroll's mother, she is kind and nurturing.
Moominpappa: Moomintroll's father, he is wise and level-headed.
Snufkin: Moomintroll's best friend, he is a nomad and a free spirit.
Sniff: A curious and inquisitive little creature.
The Groke: A fearsome and mysterious creature who is said to bring death and despair.
Little My: A feisty and mischievous little creature.
Hemulen: A gloomy and melancholy creature who collects things.
The Snork Maiden: A beautiful and mysterious creature who Moomintroll has a crush on.
The Hattifatteners: Strange, silent creatures who travel in large numbers.

Production studio: Telecable Benelux B.V. and Telescreen Japan Inc.

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