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Aleksandr Boyarskly

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When you were born on the Moon, life on Earth seems pretty hectic! On his search to find a new home on our planet, Moonzy makes loads of friends in a forest meadow. There are so many incredible insects, animals, plants, berries and flowers for Moonzy to discover. Moonzy might be very different from the inhabitants of the meadow, but thanks to his generous personality, everybody loves him and he is quickly regarded as one of their own. In a very gentle way, this animated series introduces preschool children to the concepts of diversity, social relations, life skills and so on.

Who are the main characters of Moonzy?

Moonzy: A small, curious creature who is always exploring and learning.
Lunny: Moonzy's best friend, a loyal and reliable sidekick.
Toony: A friendly bird who helps Moonzy on his adventures.
Croc: A grumpy crocodile who is often grumbling, but has a heart of gold.
Flora: A beautiful flower who is always cheerful and helpful.
Mushy: A friendly mushroom who is always ready to lend a helping hand.
Dancy: A graceful dancer who loves to twirl and leap.
Shady: A mischievous tree who loves to play tricks on Moonzy.
Star: A twinkling star who loves to guide Moonzy on his adventures.
The Moon: A wise and benevolent being who watches over Moonzy and his friends.

Production studio: Melnitsa Animation Studio

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