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Marc Boutavant


“Mouk” is a French animated series that follows the adventures of two bike-riding travelers, Mouk and Chavapa, as they journey around the world and meet new friends. The show, which aired from 2011 to 2014, is aimed at a preschool audience and is known for its educational content, as the characters explore various countries, learning about their unique geography and culture along the way. Each episode begins with Mouk and Chavapa chatting via webcam to their friends Popo and Mita back home. The series is characterized by its emphasis on local music, instruments, and cultures, making it an engaging and informative experience for young viewers.

Who are the main characters of Mouk?

Mouk: the show's protagonist, a brown bear. He's very curious about the world, and wants to know everything. He's confident, sociable and generous.
Chavapa: Mouk's travel companion and best friend, a gray wolf.
Mita and Popo: Mouk and Chavapa's best friends. Mita and Popo are twins. They are very interested in their friends' travel stories and call them every day.

Production studio: 2 Minutes

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