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Mr Bean

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Country of origin

United Kingdom

Creation year



Tiger Aspect Productions (Rowan Atkinson and Richard Curtis)



Based on the world-famous sitcom Mr. Bean, the animated series is even more funny to watch! Mr. Bean must be the most childish and naive man earth and invariably ends up in trouble wherever he goes. Mr. Bean’s best friend is Teddy the teddy bear, who accompanies him on all his disastrous adventures. Somehow, Mr. Bean finds a way out of his precarious situation, often completely by chance. Mr. Bean only mumbles, he doesn’t really speak, and his facial expressions are absolutely hilarious.

Who are the main characters of Mr Bean?

Mr. Bean: The main character, he is a childish and eccentric man.
Mrs. Wicket: Mr. Bean's elderly landlady. She is a grumpy woman who is often annoyed by his antics.
Scrapper: Mrs. Wicket's one-eyed cat, who also strongly dislikes Mr. Bean.
Irma Gobb: Mr. Bean's longstanding girlfriend, who works at the local library.
Teddy: Mr. Bean's best friend, he is a stuffed teddy bear who often goes on adventures with him.
Miss Mary Wince: Mrs. Wicket's best friend.
Bruiser Family: Mr. Bean's next-door neighbours, who are all overweight and dislike Mr. Bean.
Traffic Warden: A very committed parking enforcement officer who often gives Mr. Bean a ticket for parking his car in the wrong places.
Lottie: Irma Gobb's teddy bear who looks exactly like Teddy, but for a red bow and skirt.
Declan: A friend of Irma Gobb who is interested in winning her heart.

Production studio: Tiger Aspect Productions

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