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Country of origin

United States of America

Creation year



Millard Kaufman and John Hubley



“Mr. Magoo” is an animated television series featuring a nearsighted, bumbling elderly man named Quincy Magoo. The show first aired in 1949 and has since become a classic of animation, known for its slapstick humor and witty writing.

The character of Mr. Magoo is known for his trademark phrase, “Oh, Magoo, you’ve done it again!”, which he often utters after unwittingly causing chaos and confusion due to his poor vision. Despite his visual impairment, Mr. Magoo remains blissfully unaware of his surroundings, leading to many comical mishaps.

Throughout the series, Mr. Magoo finds himself in a variety of predicaments, from being mistaken for a bank robber to accidentally causing a car race. He often gets into trouble with authority figures such as police officers, and his interactions with his long-suffering nephew Waldo provide many comedic moments.

Despite his flaws, Mr. Magoo is a lovable and endearing character who always means well, even if his actions often have unintended consequences. His character has become a cultural icon, inspiring numerous adaptations and imitations in popular media.

The animation style of “Mr. Magoo” is distinctive, featuring colorful and expressive character designs that capture the humor and whimsy of the show. The series was created by John Hubley, a prominent animator who worked on many classic cartoons during the mid-20th century.

“Mr. Magoo” has remained popular over the years, with numerous spinoffs, adaptations, and merchandise created in his likeness. The character has also been featured in comic books, video games, and live-action films.

In 2018, a remake of the classic animated cartoon was produced by the French animation studio Xilam.

Who are the main characters of Mr. Magoo?

Mr. Magoo: A near-sighted elderly man who often gets into comical situations due to his lack of sight.
Mr. Cat: Mr. Magoo's faithful pet dog who is always by his side and who rescues him. He's a Bull Terrier.
Fizz: Mr. Magoo's nemesis, an evil orange hamster who wants to be worshipped forever and take control of the world.
Weasel: Fizz's loyal henchman.
Linda: Mr. Magoo's next-door neighbor.
President: The president of Fizz City.
Marnie: A young girl.

Production studio: Yowza! Animation

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