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Animoka Studios (based on the original character created by Katharine Tozer and “Magic Adventures of Mumfie” by Britt Allcroft)



Mumfie is an animated series created by Britt Allcroft, that follows the adventures of Mumfie, an ever enthusiastic young elephant calf. He lives on the colorful island of Flutterstone together with his best friends Pinky, the flying pig, and Jelly Bean, the colour-changing jellyfish. The show is known for its heartwarming stories, relatable themes, and colorful animation.

One of the central themes of the show is the importance of friendship. Mumfie is a young elephant who is always on the lookout for new friends and adventures. He is accompanied by his best friends Scarecrow and Pinkey the Pig, and together they go on many exciting adventures. The show promotes the idea that friends can make anything fun, and it teaches children the value of friendship.

Another theme that is explored in the show is the importance of kindness and generosity. Mumfie and his friends are always helping others and showing kindness to those in need. The show encourages children to be kind and generous and to think of others. The characters in the show often face situations where they have to help others and it teaches children that small acts of kindness can make a big difference.

The show also deals with the theme of self-discovery. Mumfie and his friends are always exploring and learning new things, and this teaches children to be curious and to explore their own interests and passions. The show also teaches children that it’s okay to make mistakes and to learn from them, which is an important lesson for children to learn.

The CG animated show “Mumfie” is a reboot of the 1994 “Magic Adventures of Mumfie” television series. The main characters of the original show were preserved, but other characters were replaced or added. Even though it changed quite a lot from the original version, the series still brings gentle storytelling.

Who are the main characters of Mumfie?

Mumfie: a happy, smart and inquisitive little elephant calf
Jelly Bean: Mumfie's best friend, a jellyfish who can change colour like a chameleon
Pinky: Mumfie's other best friend, a little pink flying pig
The Black Cat: A mysterious little black cat who helps Mumfie during his adventures
Washington the Whale: A large yellow whale who lives in the sea surrounding the island. He helps Mumfie and his friends.
Crocodile: a crocodile who thinks he's the king
Giraffe: a lovely friend of Mumfie
Zebra: another of Mumfie's friends
The Pirates: a trio of pirate wolves who sometimes create havoc

Production studio: Animoka

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Mumfie Theme Song

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