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Country of origin

Canada and United States

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DIC Productions L.P. and Northern Lights Entertainment


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In search of immortality, the evil sorcerer Scarab kills the pharaoh’s son, Prince Rapses. After being entombed alive for this heinous crime for thousands of years, the immortal Scarab enters the modern world, where he starts looking for Prince Rapses’ reincarnation. This turns out to be a boy called Presley Carnovan from San Francisco. Scarab needs to retrieve the spirit of Rapses from this boy in order to remain immortal. Luckily, Rapses’ past bodyguards awake from the dead to protect the boy for the sorcerer.

Who are the main characters of Mummies Alive!?

Tutenkhamun: The ancient Egyptian Pharaoh who was resurrected by Nefer-Tina, he is powerful and wise.
Nefer-Tina: The young woman who resurrected Tutenkhamun, she is brave and determined.
Akhmim: Tutenkhamun's close friend and advisor, he is loyal and wise.
Horemheb: Akhmim's rival and the leader of the rebel forces, he is ambitious and power-hungry.
Seti: Tutenkhamun's father and the former Pharaoh, he is wise and just.
Anubis: The god of death, he is dark and mysterious.
Isis: The goddess of love and fertility, she is kind and loving.
Osiris: The god of the underworld, he is just and fair.
Horus: The god of the sun, he is powerful and radiant.
Ra: The god of the sun, he is wise and all-seeing.
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