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“My Brother the Monster” is a 2022 series produced by Canadian animation house Arcana Studios and Mexican production company Gasolina Studios, “My Brother The Monster” is aimed at ages 6-8 years.

Petunia’s ordinary summer becomes extraordinary when a cute ball-sized furry monster rockets down to earth from outer space! As it turns out, Mombou, our cute furball is actually a 9ft monster who quickly becomes part of the family. Petunia and her ‘little big brother’ make the perfect team, however, when Mombou becomes worried, anxious, stressed or overwhelmed he reverts back to his original small size, which happens a lot… particularly at school. His feelings then turn into mischief, stubborness and trouble. But Petunia along with her classmates, help Mombou feel secure, keeping him out of trouble as well as learning a lot from him too!

A tale of friendship and inclusion and a character driven series, “My Brother the Monster” demonstrates values of acceptance and resilience. Mombou’s ability to grow and shrink depending on his emotions visually represents the challenges some children face and encourages them to support a sibling or friend who might be slightly different to themselves.

Who are the main characters of My Brother the Monster?

Mombou: he's a giant green monster from outer space who crashes his pod on our planet. He is adopted by a human family and tries to become a better version of himself. He's full of questions, wonder and curiosity for the human world. He doesn't quite understand the difference between good and evil yet. Whenever he's stressed or anxious, he becomes very small and stubborn.
Petunia: she becomes Mombou's older sister when he gets adopted into her family. She helps Mombou learn from his mistakes and become a better monster.
Hiro: this little boy has dreams of greatness and wants to become a superhero like the ones he's seen on Japanese television. Every day he works hard to achieve his goal. With his custom made mask and red cape, he's getting close!
Gibb: he's a romantic with a bohemian lifestyle. He always carries his saxophone with him, bringing music to Mombou's life. Gibb helps Mombou to understand his feelings.
Tyson: he's a genius in the making, the future of human kind. He wants to change the world, one day at a time. He loves everything related to science and cosmology.
Sack: he used to be the school bully until his friendship with Mombou completely changed him for the better. He's very authentic and a great friend.
Juliet: she's a wheelchair user, but this has never stopped her from achieving anything. She's great at sports and can even beat Mombou at basketball.
Flora: she's very passionate about the Earth and loves all creatures big and small. She takes great care of plants and animals.

Production studio: Arcana Studios

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